Remote Sensing and Land Cover Change

By moving the slider, the user can compare 1990 false-color Landsat views (left) with recent true-color imagery (right). Humans are increasingly transforming Earth’s surface—through direct activities such as farming, mining, and building, and indirectly by altering its climate.


This interactive feature includes 12 places that have experienced significant change since 1990.  This is an user-friendly way to compare remote sensing images over time.  Pictured above is the Aral Sea, which is and under-the-radar environmental catastrophe in Central Asia that has its roots in the Soviet era’s (mis)management policies.

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2 comments on “Remote Sensing and Land Cover Change

  1. This feature is really interesting and cool. It is amazing to be able to view the same picture in different time frames simultaneously. You can really see how much the earth is altered by humans building and evolving the land.

  2. In the first photo I noticed how much the water has changed and it looks like the water has dried up. the second photo shows how the ice caps have dried up and become smaller. in the third photo Im not sure if my computer didnt load properly or if there was not much of a changed that was noticed. in the fourth photo i can really see how much the population has changed and has impacted the land in that area from all the growth. the fifth photo shows how the population has grown but it also shows how the land has changed and it a,most looks like there is a patch o sand now in the recent photo. the sixth photo shows how the the has changed and more sandy areas have appeared. the seventh photo of japan shows how the population has expanded drastically. in the eighth photo it shows how the oil sands have expanded and the humans extracting this oil. the mountain top removal has changed this area in WV greatly but it also looks like there is more water now in one of the water areas, probably from the process of mountaintop removal. the tenth photo shows how the area has drastically changed and the large impact on the land from the huge increase in population. the growth in population has changed in the palm springs images but its neat the see how the land plots are in rectangular shapes. the population has greatly changed in this image and you can see the large expansion of it.

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