The Digitally Curated Textbook–My NCGE Presentation

The 2012 NCGE conference has been tremendous; I plan on sharing many of the resources that I’ve discovered with you over the next few weeks.  October 6th is the day of my presentation an I’ve uploaded my slides (with hyperlinks included) here: Empowering Students: The Digitally Curated Textbook.

3 comments on “The Digitally Curated Textbook–My NCGE Presentation

  1. I’m sure this presentation was fantastic! I’m pushing ever closer to getting my county to offer the regular World Geography course (APHG is an elective) and I was told, if we did, we would not have a textbook. This will be a great alternative! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Thanks Allison! I think it went well and this is in essence my textbook (with the lectures to systematically cover the “other” stuff) and thought I might as well share it. I don’t think we met geography lady…maybe next year!

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