15 foods you can regrow from scraps

The interest in urban gardening and organic foods has grown as a reaction against a mechanized, commercialization agricultural industry with genetically-modified produce.  Modern consumers are seeking options and don’t want to passively accept the the most economic method of food production.   City-dwellers sometimes feel disconnected from the land and their food and some are trying to culturally re-establish that connection in the 21st century.  I first found this image on Facebook  and was intrigued to seeing how social media networks are facilitating alternatives to mass-produced crops.  So how can you engage in some urban agriculture using your food scraps?


This list of plants can be grown for the parts of the produce that you would typically consume, on even small portion that you might throw any or compost.  How exactly can you do this?  Check out the links below to find out:

Good luck on your projects!

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