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Seth Dixon is a geography professor at Rhode Island College within the Political Science Department and serves as the coordinator for the Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance.  Recently he started blogging for National Geographic Education to expand his audience in his personal mission to share geography education resources to the whole world.  Additionally, he also teaches courses periodically for both Salve Regina University and Elmhurst College.  Having earned geography degrees at Pennsylvania State University and Brigham Young University, he has researched the cultural and historical geographies of Mexico City’s monuments.

He can most easily be followed and reached via Twitter @ProfessorDixon.

Since you are still reading, I’ll just assume that you want less professional and more personal information about Seth Dixon.  He lives in Cranston, Rhode Island with his wife and three children (ages 12, 9 and 8).  His favorite sport is volleyball and he loved being a children’s librarian once upon a time.  While he likes to think of himself as an outdoorsy type who enjoys canoeing, splitting wood and hiking, he can usually be found at a computer, typing away on some project or another.  He loves owning a chainsaw, even if it is infrequently used since urban lumberjack professors aren’t in high demand.  He’s a man of simply tastes; he will always order a carne asada burrito if it is on the menu, unless there are fish tacos–then he’d be deeply conflicted.

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2 comments on “About Me

  1. Love your posts. I teach language and linguistics. Do you know of a good way for me to post/tweet your lang/ling-related posts to my students, or to point them toward them? You’ve got a lot, which I really appreciate. Thanks a lot. Jeff Ruth jruth@esu.edu

  2. Dr Dixon is truly one of my geography education heroes. He is one of the finest geographers we have in academia today.

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