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February 2012

The Opening of the new website!

Welcome to  I was never planning to do this, but after more than 45,000 hits on my first site, I need to restructure my digital online resources (and I’m so glad to do so because that means you’ve been finding value in this work).  As you may know, I’ve been posting what I find to be relevant news stories, videos, articles and other digital resources on Twitter as @APHumanGeog, Google+ and Facebook for about 7 months now and was pleased to get a following that enjoyed the content.

However, readers wanted something archived so I created my page to fulfill that purpose.  After now having about 30 pages worth of content, searching through them can be unwieldy and the the searchable ‘tags’ are not foolproof (I individually create the tags, so it’s definitely not foolproof).  Several readers suggested a more permanent way to archive these suggestions in a more thematic manner and who am I to argue with a good suggestion?  and that is the genesis of this site.

In terms of aesthetics, it is far from a finished project.  In fact, the “Regional” tab is the only operational tab and even that is only piecemeal at the moment.  I was half-tempted to delay launching the site until is was more operational, but I wanted user feedback to drive how I structure the site to make it suited to my readers needs.  I will continue posting primarily on my various pages, but here is where I will thematically and regionally organize that content.  I will let you know as more developments arise and hope that your comments become part of the developmental process.


The importance of Geography Education

A message from the National Geographic Society that is worth passing on:

Did you know? Only 20 U.S. states require a geography class in middle or high school, while many countries (like Switzerland, France, Norway, and Romania) require geography every year until high school graduation. Maybe that’s why 88% of 18-24 year old Americans can’t find Afghanistan on a map of Asia!

  • Geography is much more than knowing where things are located, but without basic geographic knowledge it’s impossible to make informed decisions in our personal, professional, and civic lives.
  • Right now, geography is named as a “core academic subject” but unlike all the other core academic subjects, including history, civics, economics, foreign languages and the arts, there is no dedicated federal funding stream to advance geography education.

We need to let Congress know that learning geography is important. Join the public campaign in support of the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act. Go to to find out how you can Speak Up For Geography.

Many thanks for your support!

A maiden voyage on Valentine’s Day

This is a my first attempt to see what will work for this site.  My first site on! is still active, but many readers were hoping to have a way where the resources that I have recommended could be thematically organized.  I’ll continue putting the latest sources on the Geography Education site, but will thematically and regionally organize them here.  Hopefully that will function as a daily newspaper or weekly magazine for browsing the latest geographic materials online, while this site can be a storehouse for planning lessons with a specific topic in mind.

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