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The Most Complex International Borders in the World

“In this video I look at some of the most complex international border. Of course, there are more complex borders in the world, but this video looks at some of my favourites.”


This video shows some great examples of how the political organization of space and administration of borders can get complicated.  Here are the examples (and time in the video when they are covered in the video):


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The 5 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Borders

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Where you find a border, you usually find somebody pissed off about it.


Disclaimer: This article is more glib and crude in its language than I typically post, but there is some great insight in this article about the curiosities that can occur on the borders.  Enclaves, walls, roads, glaciers, and tables all play prominent roles in these 5 quirky borders. 

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Many Live Alone in Rust Belt

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“A large percentage of people in Rust Belt cities live on their own.  Cincinnati has 43% of households consist of a single person.  Now, 10 of the 25 cities with the highest percentage of people living solo are Midwestern industrial enclaves including Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and St. Louis, according to 2010 Census data.” 

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North America

Resources for the Geography of North America and the United States

United States (discussed in class):

  1. The best and worst States in the Union (environmental issues)
  2. ABC News article on the shrinking demographic of rural America.
  3. Gentrification Spelled out in Washington DC.
  4. Gentrification in NYC from the High Line.
  5. NFL regions mapped in the USA
  6. Rise of Agribusiness has lead to the mechanization of food industry.



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