This is a compilation of videos that can be used to at the beginning of the school year to show the importance of geography, spatial thinking and geo-literacy.
VIDEO #1: This is an excellent promotional video for geography as a whole, but the AP Human Geography course specifically.  For more from this great Florida teacher, visit his course website which has some incredible resources.
VIDEO #2: This is video is a great tool to drum up interest in an AP Human Geography course produced by David Burton.
VIDEO #3: This is a fun, student-produced video about all that a geographic education can provide based on the movie Limitless.


VIDEO #4: This video from the National Geographic to support the 2013 Geography Bee shows some great uses and significance of geography.
VIDEO #5: This is essentially a commercial for Google Earth, but don’t let that overshadow the overriding message of the fundamental nature of geography in education and the usefulness of geographic and spatial analysis on the job market.
VIDEO #6: This video is a look behind the scenes into why Geography matters that was prepared for the 2011 National Geographic Bee.
VIDEO #7: This is an older video from the United Kingdom that highlights why geography matters.
VIDEO #8: De Planeta is a fun, animated look at the historical layers that make up our planet.
VIDEO #9: Fans of Jay Leno won’t be surprised to see how poorly these high school students do answering some basic geography questions.


I absolutely love this three-part video collection.  They are playful clips that leads students to have more questions than answers about different places. The spirit of exploration and experimentation is at the heart of this global traveler’s montage of delightful dishes. Watching this encourages viewers to open their minds to new ideas, cultures and places.


VIDEO #1: Geo-literacy extends far beyond knowing where places are on a map. National Geographic Education has put an emphasis on geo-literacy, which entails spatial thinking skills and understanding systems in addition to content knowledge about locations and places.
VIDEO #2:  Geographic content, spatial analysis and decision-making skills are vital and this video succinctly explains it’s important within our educational system. I know, I’m preaching to the choir, but please share this video to promote geo-literacy.
VIDEO #3: This is a short film on geo-literacy, knowing geography, and how it can make one a more profitable employee.  Unlike the two previous videos produced by National Geographic that focuses on global and citizenship benefits, this clip shows the marketable skills that geographic education gives students. You may read the transcript for added context.