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The Most Complex International Borders in the World

“In this video I look at some of the most complex international border. Of course, there are more complex borders in the world, but this video looks at some of my favourites.”


This video shows some great examples of how the political organization of space and administration of borders can get complicated.  Here are the examples (and time in the video when they are covered in the video):


Tags: borders, political, territoriality, sovereignty, video.


World’s Most Thrilling Airports

Seth Dixon‘s insight:

Or the world’s most terrifying runways, depending on your perspective and sense of adventure.  Pictured above is the Matekane Air Strip in Lesotho.  It is too short to start flying the conventional way so you drop on a cliff until the aircraft starts flying…if that is not your kind of funmaybe some extreme tourism would suit you in your travels more.


Tags: transportation, tourism.


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