These materials are designed to supplement my Tenure and Promotion File.  Many of my academic and teaching endeavors do not fit well in a traditional 3 ring binder, so I’ve added links to the interactive maps, websites, and other digital resources to have this site act as a digital appendix.  

ITEM #1:My main website, Geography Education on the platform as well as on WordPress.


ITEM #2  Civil War Walk Tour, an example of the various walking tours that have been created as a part of the North Burial Ground Project.  The project is a joint venture between RIC students and professors.  I serve as the primary cartographer on the project.  

  NBG thumb

ITEM #3: Shinn Study Abroad Map.  I created this map to serve as a recruitment tool and visual aid that demonstrates the impact of the Shinn Study Abroad scholarship. 

RIC StudyAbroad 

ITEM #4 Maps 101 P0dcast: Several of the articles that I co-author with my wife for Maps 101 have been converted into podcasts, such as this one about New England whaling.