This is an introductory video that highlights the importance of geographic analysis and geospatial tools is solving real world problems.

  1. Let’s make a hand-drawn map (well, a digital version of a hand-drawn map) using a free ERSI tool, Sketch-a-Map.
  2. Here is good NY Times article on the importance of globes in the educational process and why there are less today then in previous generations.
  3. Even if you could dig a hole to the other side of the world, you wouldn’t end up in China.  How could you find out where?
  4. Overlapping Maps helps to properly understand scale in a less familiar part of the Earth.


  1. Article from the GIS community about the value of GIS.  Please comment on the page.
  2. Youtube video on Why scale matters:
  3. More on Scale (Corresponding readings from the Course Text:  Chapter 2, Sections 3-15, 20, 28-30)
  4. Explore and the features that are available. Below is a tutorial video to help acquaint you with it’s features