Parag Khanna’s talk at the 2021 APHG reading was excellent. He was scheduled to be our keynote speaker at our Professional Development Night and he delivered.  As a professional development experience, it was one of the best I’ve ever participated in at any of the 16 readings I’ve attended (FYI: this is the 21st reading in APHG history). The talk was a compelling look at the powerful global forces that will cause billions of us to move geographically over the next decades, ushering in an era of radical change. This is a preview of some content from his upcoming book, Move: The Forces Uprooting Us. We have recorded the Zoom version of the talk, and Parag was gracious enough to give us all his Google Slides presentation from his presentation. We also have the slides as a PDF (added below).

He also created just for us, a special set of resources to align issues in his upcoming book Move: The Forces Uprooting Us with the APHG CED.   All these resources are archived in this Google Drive folder.  

EXTRA BONUS!!: By a stroke of good luck we were able to recover the MP4 of the 2020 APHG Professional Development Night. Dr. Lee Schwartz, has the most amazing title of all time in my opinion; he is THE GEOGRAPHER of the United States Department of State. In the State Department, he is in charge of the Office of Geography and Global Issues. IN 2020, he delivered a great lecture last year focused on his project to create the website, the World-Wide Human Geography Data. You can see the video of the Zoom talk for APHG teachers here.