For Regional Geography, I ask that all my students take an online quizzes before coming to class because it is very difficult to intelligently discuss European issues if you don’t know the countries of Europe, where they are and what other countries are on their borders.  Quizzes and knowing places doesn’t define geography, but if geography were English literature, knowing about places could be described as the alphabet–before you write a sonnet or critique an essay, you better know your ABC’s and basic grammar.  Given that, I like the Lizard Point Geography quizzes, Sheppard Software quizzes and those from Click that ‘Hood; they are simple, straightforward and comprehensive.  Below is a YouTube video that shows how to take the Lizard Point quizzes.

You can take them in practice, test or strict test mode.  Once you are fully prepared, take the test in “strict test mode.”  When you get the score you are content with, click on “View Detailed Results.”  Enter your name to produce an image like the one below:

Sample Score

Throughout the semester, you will need to collect these images as screenshots (use the snipping tool or print screen function) to turn in as proof that you took the quizzes.  You can also grab a screenshot of your results on Click that ‘Hood (without your name, but with a time).  

Click that Hood

During the course of the semester in World Regional Geography, you should complete all of the following quizzes (and 9 more for a total of 20 quizzes):

 Online Quiz 1