Earlier this year I was honored when I was approached about participating in a TEDx event here in New England.  I wanted to talk about geographic and educational issues, but I also wanted it to be for everyone, but especially for teachers and students.  I was excited to hear that is now available on YouTube, and I titled my talk, “Helping Students to Expand Their Worldview” and I hope that you find it enjoyable of at least useful.

“People cling to outdated ideas, even in the face of new information; this makes our job as educators especially difficult because simply teaching accurate information is not enough. We have to teach our students how to contextualize new information into their expanding worldview in a way that infuses and updates all of their learning.”


At the same TEDx event, organized by the incredibly talented Celeste Reynolds, many other geographers and educators spoke and I was inspired by their dreams, passions, and professional interests.  Below are the TEDx talks from TEDxMashpeeED by many scholars and educators that I am fortunate to also call friends.