1. Geography: It’s Nature and Perspectives

  2. Population

  3. Cultural Patterns and Processes

  4. Political Organization of Space

  5. Agriculture and Rural Land Use

  6. Industrialization and Economic Development

  7. Cities and Urban Land Use

  8. Environmental Geography

  9. Physical Geography

The APHG course outline and description was changed over the summer and the 2014 test will reflect these changes. So what are the changes? I’ve created this slideshow (also you can download the PDF or PPTx file) to show what the changes are and add links to my site that might be thematically useful. The hyperlinks in slideshare don’t work in slideshare for unit 1, so they are duplicated at the end of the file (you can download the PDF file or the Powerpoint file as well).

I’ve added a two new drop-down menu tabs to this website for my geography education resources; one that is organized thematically (this one) and well as another that is regionally focused.  This division of resources was designed to roughly follow the AP Human Geography Course Outline.  This is an imperfect way to interlace and thematically organize the thousands of posts on my Scoop.it! website.  This isn’t to replace the Scoop.it site, but rather to make your usage of that site more effective.  Obviously there will be some overlap and a few gaps, but I hope that the resources can be of use to all of you.

I love the Scoop.it platform for showing the latest materials that I’ve found.  The “filter” function will also allow users to search a specific topic as I’ve generated numerous “tags” to organize my posts including APHG.  Still, if a teacher is searching for specific materials in a lesson on particular unit, there are many applicable “tags,” but they are organized alphabetically.  So I’ve added a drop-down tab entitled “thematic.”  Under this drop-down menu are pages dedicated to all the units of AP Human Geography (and environmental and physical geography as well) with links for the pertinent sub themes organized by the AP Human Geography course outline.   Additionally, I’ve included approximately 10 of my favorite resources for each unit to the corresponding page.  James Nelsen, a veteran APHG teacher has produced a “grand review.” which many teachers have enjoyed.  This intentionally does not come with a key to force the students to delve deeper.  Here’s a student-produced study guide for the APHG test focusing on the ‘big ideas.’  Here is a Trivia Pursuit review game with over 400 color-coded question prepared by  Lorrie Etheridge.   Here is a APHG Jeopardy-style review game.

Some Kahoot! APHG reviews…a good way to gamify the review process.  There is also this APHG Kahoot! interactive quiz–in this one the students match a development clue to a regional map.

Best of luck in the new school year!