A. Development and character of cities

  1. Origin of cities
  2. Rural–urban migration and urban growth
  3. Global cities and megacities
  4. Suburbanization and edge cities

B. Models of urban systems

  1. Rank-size rule, primate cities
  2. Central place theory
  3. Gravity model

C. Urban Models (internal city structure)

  1. Concentric zone model
  2. Sector model
  3. Multiple-nuclei model
  4. Changing employment mix
  5. Changing demographic and social structures
  6. Uneven development, ghettoization, and gentrification

D. Built environment and social space

  1. Neighborhoods, housing and density
  2. Transportation and infrastructure
  3. Political organization of urban areas
  4. Urban planning and urbanism
  5. Patterns of race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status

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