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What is a part of the United States?



While identifying most of the territory that is a part of the United States is fairly straightforward, the interesting political geography is in discussing the places that aren’t straightforward, such as American Samoa, Puerto Rico and Palmyra Atoll. 


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The Border That Stole 500 Birthdays

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The story behind the the International Date Line.


Not too long ago (Jan. 2012), the arbitrary International Date Line (roughly opposite the Prime Meridian) was moved to better accommodate the regional networks and economic geography of the area straddling the line.  American Samoa, although politically aligned with the United States, was functionally more integrated on the Asian side of the Pacific Rim when it came to their trade partners and their tourism base.  Dynamic economic networks, political allegiances and cultural commonalities create a beautifully complex situation near this ‘border.’

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