Even the most accomplished American high school student can graduate knowing more about criminal justice in Puritan New England than about the actual injustices going on every day in the United States. Students can learn every step of the process of photosynthesis and yet have never heard of the Kyoto Accords. They can know how nuclear fission works, and yet they don’t know which countries have nuclear weapons and don’t understand the (perverse) logic of mutually assured destruction. They know the Five Pillars of Islam but don’t know what modern-day country Mecca is in.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

I know, I know.  This is more partisan than most articles I typically share, but the title is bit misleading and clickbait-ish.  Approximately 7/8ths of the article is a plea for more geographic instruction in the United States and the value of the AP Human Geography curriculum for understanding the world we live in (and 1/8th is a partisan perspective).  The bulleted section of the article is especially good and would be useful to extract for students (as would some other portions).


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