“Each June, over 15,000 AP® teachers and college faculty members from around the world gather to score the free-response sections of the AP Exams. These AP Readers are led by a Chief Reader — a college professor who has the responsibility of ensuring that students’ responses are scored to accurately reflect college-level achievement. AP Readers often describe the AP Reading as one of the best professional development experiences they have ever had.”

Source: apcentral.collegeboard.com

First off, I’m impressed by the phenomenal growth of the AP Human Geography exam and the number of exams this year will be unprecedented (213,000 anticipated exams).  While the number of exams has grown, the number of readers to score the exams hasn’t kept pace.  Consequently, human geography is in a deficit with our list of applicants in our reader pool.  College Board is changing the usual requirements of 3 years of experience teaching APHG for High School teachers to TWO YEARS of experience.  For higher education, anyone who teaches a class that is comparable to human geography is certainly invited to apply and we appreciate having those with college teaching experience within our ranks.  (OPEN DISCLOSURE: I am the Chief Reader Designate, so while I will be reviewing applications, I do not have the final say and obviously can’t promise that anyone will or will not get invited to the reading).  Personally, I LOVE attending the readings and consider it the best networking/professional development opportunity for a geography educator out there.

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