There’s a patch of land between Egypt and Sudan that no country owns. Why? Can anybody claim it for themselves? (No.)


VIDEO SOURCE: If it’s new to you, the Map Men YouTube channel is very entertaining with fun, quirky, interesting trivia, but most importantly, these videos are rooted in geographic concepts.  The Map Men, as Chris Fitch wrote, "tap into a rich vein of geographical quirks to teach through comedy."


VIDEO CONTENT: Both Sudan and Egypt claim the rightful border between their countries should include the Hala’ib Triangle on their side of the border.  This leaves Bir Tawil unclaimed and it pops up in the news when those hoping to create a micronation claim it.  This bizarre case exemplifies some important principles of political geography with a tangible example to test the limits of political sovereignty and what it take to be called a country.  If discussing the elements necessary to create a state, this article would help fuel a discussion, especially when some people are eager to create their own micronation.    


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