This restroom is quite sensational and yet it is entirely conventional.

While I would understand the apprehension, let’s think about this.  This public restroom in Basil, Switzerland is made entirely out of one-way glass. No one can see you in there, but when you are inside, it looks like you’re sitting in a clear glass box.

So why the fuss?

This cartoon speaks to our cultural norms associated with the body and highlights some tension.

In September of 2012, the whole British tabloid industry (as well as the mainstream media) exploded as pictures of Kate Middleton surfaced.  This screenshot is of the Guardian’s page where the top 3 stories were all connected to this particular issue (who cares about global affairs anyway?)  The British are ordering the return of all copies of the photos and threatening legal action against any and all who publish these images.  At the center of the scandal are competing notions of:

  1. public and private morality
  2. expectations of  privacy
  3. cultural norms of acceptable displays of the human body
  4. Our cultural fascination with celebrity and royalty

WARNING: the following links do not display nudity (as defined by TV) but some of the links connected to them may been contain images that are seen as culturally inappropriate.

VIDEO (with blurred/blacked out images): She walks topless in the streets for women’s rights by Gentside

In many places, women are protesting for “top-free” rights (since the term topless has more sexualized connotations, many advocacy groups opt for a term that desexualizes the act of not wearing a shirt).