2012 has had many stories around the globe have grabbed the headlines with their shocking tales.  Some of the most important shifts in the world however are incremental processes that happen slowly enough that the news media fails to note the change.  This is a list from Foreign Policy author Joshua Keating (@joshuakeating) on the Top Ten under-reported stories of 2012 is filled with important changes with global significance.  These ten issues might end up impacting the coming years as well:

1)  India and Pakistan start trading more

2)  Brazil becomes an immigration destination


3)  Inuits strike it rich

4)  A tropical disease nearly eradicated

5)  The copyright wars go 3-D

121116_call center phillipines 2510237

6)  The end of the Indian call center  (The Philippines is now the leading call center location)

7)  Hong Kong fights back

121116_cyprus 75894453

8)  Moscow on the Med (Cyprus)


9)  Oil discoveries in Central Africa


10) Island dispute between Iran and UAE (For an added spatial perspective on this, see this satellite image of this region).