“Preparing to Teach Social Studies: Geographic Content for the Praxis Exam.”

Seth Dixon, Ph.D.‘s insight:

I know that most of my readers are in-service teachers as opposed to pre-service teachers, but I thought it was still worth sharing.  Several schools have noticed that without geography classes, social studies teachers have difficulty becoming certified without some core geographic content.  As a part of job at the Alliance coordinator for the Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance, I’m giving a workshop tonight at Salve Regina University designed to strengthen pre-service teachers geographic content as outlined on the Praxis Exam.  I have  prepared these materials with that audience in mind, but if there is anything you find useful, please use it or share it with those that could use it (local School of Education, Alliance, etc).  Most of the images in the presentation are hyperlinked to articles, videos and infographics that I have posted here in the past. 

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