Seth Dixon‘s insight:

Today was the first of the T3G Institute at the Esri headquarters and the wonderful team has shared great resources that I found incredibly useful for teachers to use great web maps.  So what makes a great web map. A great web map should be highly interactive, intuitive, and be able to function at various scales.  This video helps to show the power of maps to help tell a great story or to share spatial content. 

The presenters each shared an exemplary web map.

  • Lyn Malone selected a modern language map.
  • Charlie Fitzpatrick chose a land use change map with satellite imagery.
  • Amy Work highlighted a great storymap that shows global food supply data.
  • Roger Palmer selected a map from an AAG project Changing Planet.
  • Joesph Kerski created a map to show a impact of a proposed new road in the Serengeti.  
  • Kathryn Keranen shared a great iOS app QuakeFeed.

Tags: GIS, ESRI, mapping, cartography, geospatial, edtech, geography education, unit 1 GeoPrinciples.

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