Seth Dixon‘s insight:

The keynote address of the NCGE conference in Denver was given by Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame and the author of Maphead (and yes I was super excited to meet a fellow map geek and  BYU grad).  “Everything is better with maps,”  Jennnings said, and geographers often try to say that we do more than just look at maps, but mapping technologies should be embraced as a way to help make geography be the placed-centered part of other academic disciplines.  He also mentioned the great advantage and challenge we have with mapping technologies in building greater spatial thinking skills for our students today.  One the one hand, maps are so interactive today that the application are endless.  On the other hand, if we allow our GPS devices to do all of the spatial and navigational thinking for us, our minds will lose those skills.  As we use (and refrain from using technology) appropriately, spatial thinking and mapping can only make everything better.