“K-pop sensation Psy was everywhere once but little has been heard since. What happened to him?  Having earned an estimated $55m (£36m) from his work in the West, Psy is now racking up similar amounts from the lucrative Chinese market, where his collaboration with world-class pianist Lang Lang is currently producing a run of consecutive number ones. Psy’s decision to focus on the Asian music market may be an indication of where the entertainment industry turns over the highest profits for musicians.”

Source: www.bbc.com

In 2012, we were analyzing the cultural geography of a viral sensation, that seemed to fizzle out so we dismissed it as a one-hit wonder.  So often we assume that being culturally and economically viable in the West is of greatest importance, but truly savvy brands aren’t sleeping on East Asian markets.  This “one-hit wonder” in the West strategically moved on to even larger markets. 

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