“As the proud publisher of both Journal of Geography and The Geography Teacher, the official publications of the NCGE, we couldn’t be more excited to join the NCGE in Washington, DC for their 100th Anniversary Conference. We will be offering NCGE members and attendees FREE ACCESS to specially selected content which reflects core themes of this special meeting: Korea, Pedagogy, Educational Policy, Spatial Thinking, and Technology – 100 articles for 100 years!” http://bit.ly/celebrate-geoedu 

Source: explore.tandfonline.com

The National Council for Geographic Education is having their 100th conference this week (#NCGE100).  The Journal of Geography has recently TRIPLED its impact factor and The Geography Teacher is growing from 2 issues a year to 4.  These are fabulous resources (and great reasons to become a member of NCGE).  The link above is a collection of great articles over the years linked to the themes of the conference; here are free articles from the Journal of Geography and some free articles/lesson plans from The Geography Teacher.  

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