“Today, it’s no longer unusual to see married couples not wanting to have any children or delaying parenthood. Regardless of big or small changes between the past and present, one thing remains constant –  the joy & bliss that are seen in the parents’ eyes. Parenthood is not without its challenges, but you can’t put a price on seeing the smile on your little ones’ faces.”

Source: www.youtube.com

This video is part of the “Maybe Baby?” campaign in Singapore designed to boost the low fertility rate in this small Southeast Asian country.  Singapore’s National Night was another innovative campaign to boost fertility rates (although much more provocative than this one).

There are several countries these days that are adopting pro-natalist policies (including Denmark) and their favorite travel agency); they officially encourage citizens to have more children to boost fertility rates that are below the replacement level, fearful that it will have negative social and economic impacts for their population.


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