NEW UPDATE: Countryle. This is the one that relies most on geographic information since the hints are focus on real data. You guess any country, and the hints will tell you if the actual mystery country has a larger or smaller population, a warmer or colder climate…so that is the guesses aren’t just based on luck or hunches, but some evaluation.

UPDATE ANOTHER GEOGRAPHY GUESSING GAME!! Worldle (not misspelled, although I would forgive your mind for auto-correcting and not noticing that there is not just one L, but two L’s). This one shows an outline of the a given country, and will tell you the distance away from the actual country to help inform further guesses. The better you know the world map, the less “guessing” there is, but still fun. SOURCE: WORLDLE

THE ORIGINAL: I love online geography games (I know, huge surprise).  This newest one, The Globle Game, is riffing off Wordle which took the internet and social media by storm recently and I’m hooked. 

SOURCE: Globle-Game

The game is quite simple but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it will be easy.  Like the old game where one player searches for an item in the room, with the other players calling out “hot” or “cold,” until the player finds the object, this website shows a globe, and it will color your choice based on how accurate your guess is with a red color ramp (white=ice cold, deep burgundy=red hot).  Each day, they have a new mystery country for you to guess, but the globe that it displays does not show international borders.  This fun new guessing game requires a strong mental map as well as getting a little bit of luck…something to get the students’ brains fired at the start of class, especially for the competitive types.  For fun, there is as a “Night mode” with a purple color scheme, and a CITY version is forthcoming. 


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