“One of their lessons [in a series involving geologic sciences] involved teaching the kids about the structure of the Earth. One of her friends came up with the idea of presenting a model of the Earth made out of cake. So my sister asked me if I could make a spherical cake with all the layers of the Earth inside it.”

Seth Dixon‘s insight:

I definitely don’t have the skills to pull off this amazing cake, but I can certainly appreciate the hard work and the amazing teaching tool this cake is (tutorial and recipes for concentrically layered cake here).  Crafts are hardly fluff pieces; my daughter last year had to create a craft representing the inner core, outer core mantle and crust.  She loved working with fruits of various sizes (blueberry was the inner core, followed by strawberry, kiwi and orange with the peel) but the lesson stayed because of the visual and tactile connection that she had with the project.   

Tagsphysical, fun, art, K12.

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