So many things about society have been reshaped by the emergence and spread of Coronavirus this last year.  I would encourage you to consider what some of the geographic factors that have shaped your world, but how the new wrinkle of a pandemic is either amplifying the effect of reversing some old patterns.  Distance, scale, density, diffusion, regions, interactions, and connectivity are some of the many factors you may wish to consider.   There are many articles to consider but I would like to share a few.

Economic:  Covid-19 has reshaped many industries; some for the better, but many more for the worse.  The garment industry has taken many early hits as clothing shopping (unlike grocery shopping) was not considered essential.  Some that retrofitted their operation to mask production were able to rally but many parts of the clothing commodity chain have been negatively impacted (Source: South China Post).

Cultural: Wearing masks have become a critical part of the global fight against the pandemic.  Some societies before the pandemic had strong mask-wearing cultures (like Japan), while other had cultural norms against wearing masks in public (like France).  The pandemic is changing France and many Niqab-wearing Muslims have thoughts on masking wearing and connected cultural issues (Source: NPR podcast).

Mapping: We’ve seen so many maps stemming from the spread of COVID-19, but these maps have us reconsider our neighborhoods and our places of interaction during pandemic were all the “normal” rules of interaction got upended.  How 2020 Remapped Our Worlds (Source: CityLab).