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Boston schools ditch conventional world maps in favor of this one

Social studies classrooms throughout the Boston public school system are getting an upgrade some 448 years in the making.


Personally, I’m not a fan of this decision, but it’s as if they watched the classic West Wing clip and decided to roll with it. I think that the Peters projection map is better than the Mercator for most educational applications, but it isn’t the “right, best, or true” map projection.  Many viral videos comparing the two love to exaggerate and say things like “The maps you use are lying to you” or “the world is nothing like you’ve ever seen.”  Yes, Mercator maps distorts relative size, but it isn’t a “wrong” map anymore than the Peters projection.  All maps have distortion and map readers need to under that all maps are a mathematical representation of the Earth.  


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AGS Junior Service Fellow

“Do you know any high school students who have taken the AP® Human Geography course, scoring a 3, 4, or 5 on the exam? If so, let them know they are now eligible to become an American Geographical Society Junior Service Fellow!”


The American Geographical Society is pleased to recognize the great work that APHG students have accomplished before reaching college.  “These students have chosen to master collegiate level human geography while still in high school, where they have learned the core geographical concepts that serve as the foundation for a lifetime of geographical learning, public service, and professional success.” In doing this, they have self-selected in to our global geography community and can continue to do so by becoming AGS Junior Service Fellows.  Click here to learn more about the program.  


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Illustrated APHG Textbook


If you haven’t seen any resources from the Human Imprint, this is a great source of teacher-produced AP Human Geography as well as other social studies.  This new project, the Illustrated Textbook, was created to be a “one-stop-shop for human geography fundamentals” using a fun, graphic style interlaced with content-heavy text.  I’m very excited to see this online textbook continue to unfold. This is definitely on the shortlist of best materials on this site.   


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Tennessee schools need to teach geography better

Geography is a discipline that has students examine the world from cultural, physical, economic, and political standpoints, but you wouldn’t know that in many Tennessee schools.

During their middle and high school years, Tennessee’s students will take five required history courses and no required geography courses. The courses they do take have names that begin with “History and Geography”, but if one examines the full titles and the content of the courses, it is blatantly obvious that these are history courses.

This is the case for the current Social Studies standards and those that are proposed to soon replace the current standards. Some argue that geography can be adequately taught in such hybrid courses, but that is not the way it is taught in any college or university in the state.


Preach on Kurt, preach on.  And clearly, it’s not just Tennessee that needs this message. 


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C3 Framework: Implications for Geography Instruction

The C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards is a powerful guide to help each state strengthen instruction in the social studies by establishing fewer, clearer, and higher standards for instruction in civics, economics, geography, and history, kindergarten through high school.


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Become an AP Reader

“Each June, over 15,000 AP® teachers and college faculty members from around the world gather to score the free-response sections of the AP Exams. These AP Readers are led by a Chief Reader — a college professor who has the responsibility of ensuring that students’ responses are scored to accurately reflect college-level achievement. AP Readers often describe the AP Reading as one of the best professional development experiences they have ever had.”


First off, I’m impressed by the phenomenal growth of the AP Human Geography exam and the number of exams this year will be unprecedented (213,000 anticipated exams).  While the number of exams has grown, the number of readers to score the exams hasn’t kept pace.  Consequently, human geography is in a deficit with our list of applicants in our reader pool.  College Board is changing the usual requirements of 3 years of experience teaching APHG for High School teachers to TWO YEARS of experience.  For higher education, anyone who teaches a class that is comparable to human geography is certainly invited to apply and we appreciate having those with college teaching experience within our ranks.  (OPEN DISCLOSURE: I am the Chief Reader Designate, so while I will be reviewing applications, I do not have the final say and obviously can’t promise that anyone will or will not get invited to the reading).  Personally, I LOVE attending the readings and consider it the best networking/professional development opportunity for a geography educator out there.

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The Geography and Area Studies Interface from WWII to the Cold War

“The [importance of this study is that it] examines the dynamic between geography and area studies through their distinct understandings of space. As I argue, the dominance of the regional concept in geography, which took the multiple ways of bounding space as its central problematic, was reduced in area studies rendering of global space. This study assesses the transformation of geography during the two decades before and after the Second World War. This era was one of contrasts. On the one hand, geography was central to the war effort and in the creation of post-war programs, most notably area studies. On the other, this era also marked the relative marginalization of geography as a discipline in higher education.”


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APHG Promo Video

This is video is a great tool to drum up interest in an AP Human Geography course produced by David Burton.  See more promotional videos/start-of-the-year clips at


This is just one of my favorite “start of the year” videos.  I’ve compiled them for when you need to show the importance of geography, spatial thinking and geo-literacy.  Collectively, they show why taking geography courses is so important, useful and interesting. 


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What can I do with a Geography Degree?

“While it is easy to understand getting excited about maps, different cultures and environments, and even being better citizens through geography, it is harder to see how geographic knowledge can lead to good jobs or meaningful careers. In recent years, people have discovered that large numbers of societal problems have geographic dimensions, and that education and training in geography provides essential skills and knowledge for real-world problem solving. As a result, geography has become a necessary ingredient in hundreds of different jobs. This assortment of careers helps demonstrate the wide array of employment opportunities that exist for graduates with education in the field of geography. Within this publication, careers are divided into a number of different employment categories, including:

  • ​Geography Education
  • Environmental Geography
  • Geospatial Technologies
  • Land Use Planning


Many students enjoy geography classes but aren’t sure about what they can do with this geography degree.  This StoryMap from the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education is an excellent resource.  Additionally, the American Association of Geographers career page is a phenomenal resource.   


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