“One of the greatest aspects of the APHG reading is the professional networking, collaboration and sharing that happens with this enthusiastic set of high school and college educators.  In addition to the fun evening activities, every year we also hold several professional development activities in the evening.”

On Tuesday evening, June 6th, we had an incredibly dynamic guest speaker with a gift for making his research relevant to his audience.  Chris McMorran talk was entitled, “Geographies of Home: producing home across scale in Japan and Singapore.”  He generously provided the digital copy of his PPTx slides with his permission to use them in your classrooms (High Resolution with multimedia-70 MB, Medium Resolution with multimedia-57 MB, Low Resolution without multimedia-15 MB).

On Wednesday evening, June 7th we had our annual “Night of the Round Tables” event.  This event was designed to create a place to share new ideas, pick up lesson plans, discover new resources, and develop strategies for teaching geography.  Presenters had 15 minutes to present.  Below are the digital copies of the presentations and the handouts that they wanted to share:

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Source: geographyeducation.org